Somfy Cyprus - The Road to Automation

Somfy Cyprus, is one of the 121 subsidiaries located in 57 different countries around the world. From home automations to smart alarm systems and mobile controlled shutters, gates and blinds, Somfy makes life easier for millions of people.

Somfy Cyprus needed to strengthen their position in the local market by increasing awareness and promoting their products. Together we created a Media Strategy that could successfully accomplish their goals and objectives.

In 3 weeks, we had to first raise awareness by increasing Somfy Cyprus’ Facebook page followers and promoting their latest article to people who were in the early stages of building their house and directing them to the website’s blog. Lastly, 4 specific products should be promoted and get people who were interested to contact Somfy for more information.
Initially, a Page Like campaign was created with various audiences targeted, so we could identify which one was the best performing, and 3 different video ads with less than 30s duration, in order to grab the audience's attention.
At the end of our campaign and after identifying the best audience, we managed to increase the page’s followers by 73.2%, successfully achieving the first objective.
One of the most challenging parts of the campaign was the article promotion, to people who were in the early stages of building their house. The objective of the campaign was to direct people to the website’s blog to read the article and sign up to a contact form for more information.
The article campaign was viewed more than 175K times with a Click Through Rate of 4.25%, 7,5K Clicks and a €0.02 Cost per Click.

The last part of the campaign was to showcase 4 specific products and create demand.
For our campaigns we tested between the Message and Lead Generation Objective to identify the best way for people to ask for more information about the product and show their interest. Each campaign was created based on the type of product, targeting a different audience group.
At the end of the campaigns we received 225+ requests, from people who were interested and requested more information about the products.
Our next step was to create a monthly media approach, based on the findings of our campaigns. Different types of campaigns in terms of objectives, activity and investment will be created, with the goal of increasing Somfy Cyprus’ Facebook page followers, directing traffic on a daily basis to the website’s blog and each week, promote a specific product and bring in new leads.

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