Lisko Famelisko

Lisko Famelisko, is a local producer of dry and frozen food with over 36 years of experience in their industry, specialising Cyprus wheat and  and Bulgur products. In an attempt to expand their product range, Lisko launched a line of ready meals in the form of whole grain bulgur, which takes only 5 minutes to prepare. Hivebreed’s task was to introduce these products to the market, drive brand engagement and provoke offline sales. The challenge? Lisko hadn’t advertised since 1992.

We started off with the pre-launch or as we like to call it, ‘The Manifesto Video’ showcasing how these products can save up to 30 minutes of your time, which was used across social media channels, Youtube, Programmatic Flipbook ads and Google Display. This activation brought over 2.5 million impressions and 3.5K link clicks to our dedicated landing page which was to be used in the second campaign.

The launch included a 30 minute video which was used as part of a 5 week Facebook competition, where users would have to locate the 'easter eggs' hidden within those 30 minutes to have a chance to win one of the weekly gifts. This video had over 810K Facebook video plays, and more than 29K minutes of footage was watched in total.

Another  video was then used to retarget users who had previously engaged with the first two videos, and build relevance with our daily busy lifestyles. The audiences targeted in this campaign were also populated through the 30 minute competition video.
Finally, a series of maintenance videos were  used in story ads and on Youtube, to target users who engaged at all phases of the activation and build solutions at the moments where a potential buyer would be interested in cooking, grocery shopping or other industry related content.

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