Kypwell - From Spa to Home Treatments

With their spa closed, Kypwell was left to focus on their online activities.


Kypwell is a premium wellness brand from Cyprus with a natural, vegan award-winning skincare range, organic herbal teas and personalised wellbeing services at their studio. Due to the local measures taken during the recent pandemic, Kypwell was unable to offer physical services, which brought us the challenge of adapting their online offerings.


To support social distancing we started by adapting our social media content, to fit the current changes that our audiences were facing. We shared tips on how to make the most of time at home and how to ensure that they were staying healthy and taking care of their skin. This content included articles, social media posts and videos of ‘home skincare routines’.

Face Wellness at Home

One of Kypwell’s latest additions is their Face Wellness Training Studio, where facial exercises are performed by their trained specialists, helping to naturally sculpt and tone facial muscles. We brought this service online with the Face Wellness Training Kit, which was supported with online training sessions. This allowed customers to perform Face Wellness sessions, from the comfort of their home after purchasing the Training Kit online from their online store.

Live Stories

We hosted weekly live stories with both local and international guests, who were experts in their field in the health and wellness industry, to discuss a number of topics, providing tips and advice to the audience. We managed to get a total of over 800 audience members in these live stories. The live story watched by most users was one where we showcased what a Face Wellness Training Session was like, which had 427 audience members in total and proceeded to sell-out all Face Wellness Training Kit’s on the online store.


We didn’t just want to run general campaigns during this period, but retargeting campaigns, aimed at getting previous website visitors and social media engages to visit our website with an objective to add products to their cart and to proceed to making a purchase. These campaigns managed to get 128 add to carts from previously engaged users and 7 purchases. We also lauched a chatbot campaign to grow our emailing list where 178 messaging conversations started.


We kickstarted an initiative to show our support to local healthcare workers, doing their part to help battle COVID-19, by providing them with Kypwell gifts as a reminder to take the time to care for themselves as well. Using a dedicated landing page for the cause, healthcare workers were able to sign up to receive their gift and also visit the pages of companies supporting the cause, who had their own offering for healthcare workers.


Increase in online sales




Ad Reach

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