JYSK Cyprus - Black Friday activation

We created a very special activation for JYSK Cyprus on Black Friday. A digital campaign that connected with the offline world managed to generate leads and drive maximum in-store traffic.

A combination of a chatbot lead generation campaign and a "moment" oriented first and second party targeting, drove users to sign up for JYSK's loyalty card in order to get a 4-digit code and a chance to unlock the safe box in-store containing a €1.000 voucher.
As a first step, we reached users in content related sites and channels to create an initial touchpoint with the use of a catchy video ad that was placed on programmatic display, social media and youtube advertising.
Next step was to populate a relevant audience  and  re-engage with the landing page visitors using Social Media story and Google ads to drive registrations.
Final step was  to lock our eligible audience and increase frequency through Instagram stories in order ensure our registered users are being kept engaged until the Big day of the Black Friday event.

2.6M +


10.4K +




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