Aquasana - 1, 2, Drink

“Clean water throughout the whole house” is what Aquasana wants to ultimately achieve for its customers. Their sole focus is providing best-in-class water filtration products so every home can enjoy healthy, great-tasting water. Their product line ranges from Insulated Bottles with filters to Whole House Filtration systems, allowing you to enjoy clean water both at home and on the go.


The challenge with this client was to both educate on the need for water filtration and to sell the high-end product, which is the Whole House Filtration System. This does not only mean a higher profit per sale but also provides the customer with the greatest quality product when it comes to clean water throughout the whole house.

Step 1

At first, we had to simplify the information as much as possible, providing our audience with understandable facts and figures regarding the Whole House Filtration system, what each part of the system did and why it is needed. We used a dedicated landing page to do so.

Step 2

Using a variety of social media ads, we were able to send traffic to this landing page, providing an offer as an incentive to sign up and receive more information.

Step 3

Within 14 days, we managed to reach 46,496 unique individuals and had 2,439 link clicks towards the landing page, with a total number of 160 sign-ups. Our landing page had a total of 2,170 users who visited, with an average conversion rate of 8%.
The emails obtained from this campaign will be used for retargeting purposes in the next step.







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