Andreas Zachariou - The Holistic Revolution

A digital ecosystem for the Fitness industry that helps people change their life. Inside out.

Andreas Zachariou Holistic Sport Clinic is the first concept in Cyprus which offers fitness training, psychological support and nutrition under one roof.
With a a Digital first approach, Hivebreed launched the METAMORPHOSIS plan, a holistic approach which offers a total life transformation for the 99% of people around the World.
Deciding to take the next step to change your life and be the best version of yourself is a great decision. But how do you know which program is right for you and how can you be sure you will have the desired results? Hivebreed was there to help the Clinic develop a Digital Architecture that delivers results with a diverse portfolio of online assets and activities.
In order to create an innovative solution as our client envisioned we had to initially identify the insights and patterns that made people interact with fitness professionals to obtain their goals. By continuously running digital experiments and online surveys we concluded into the main touch points that would offer the ultimate fitness experience and maintain control of the user to have the desired results.
The challenge was not to address, but to define each touchpoint for our users.
After a lot of hypothesis and validation we ended up with the below touch points pre, during and after service:
  • Feeling of discomfort / need to change
  • Feeling of belonging when starting a new activity
  • Feeling of being in touch with the target
  • Feeling of accomplishment / need to "socialise the success"
After identifying the pathway of our consumers we had to create the desired touchpoints to deliver solutions and offer a cross channel experience from the online to the offline world.

The challenge was not to address, but to define each touchpoint for our users.

For this project we couldn't use the traditional way of building a strategy and sticking to it.
We had to be flexible to respond to change and willing to adapt our planning based on the data we collected. In this mindset, we focused our lead generation efforts via 10 different landing pages and content developed by the clinic's nutritionists and trainers, we established sales by having a 100% response rate on all mediums via centralised communication and we initiated a personalised consumer experience that integrated user training activity, nutrition data, body measurements and direct communication with the support department.
Thankfully, our software development associates in this project Pegasos Information Systems, went beyond borders and beyond their CRM & Native Client App, developed centralised data visualisation dashboards for sales, marketing and user acitivity, giving us the opportunity to know how the whole Clinic works and performs in just two clicks.
Is our work here done?
Is our work done here? Of course, we had a lot of big successes from growing the clientele from 120 members to 650 in 5 months to fully visualising the consumer journey to offer 100% results but we believe we are only at the beginning.
The next day for AZ Holistic Sport Clinic is to continue to grow by breaking the boundaries of our island; because our biggest success was not in sales or the loyalty of our clients but in managing to develop a Culture of Change that begins from the management to the fitness professional and expand to a team of associates that are envisioning the future.

  • 100% of sales occurring from online funnels
  • Creating a media brand to build education to more than 25K users
  • Building a culture brand with live brand documentation
  • Hyper targeted user personalisation through a native customer app
  • Data feeding & analysis through a custom made CRM system
  • Continuous experimentation & testing to new verticals through online campaigns

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