Hill's Pet Nutrition - Brand Furrymisation

Who doesn’t love a bunch of dogs and cats on their news feed? We certainly do.


Hill’s Pet Nutrition needs no introduction for most pet owners as the American brand has become one of the most distinct food manufacturers for our furry friends. At Hivebreed, we have been working on establishing Hill’s presence in the Cypriot pet food market and one of our activations included using Social Media Ambassadors to grow its reach and boost its engagement.

Ambassadors Strategy

Brand Ambassadors act as the face of your brand and help to increase brand awareness as a result of their social media following and reputation. The effectiveness of ambassadors can be measured in impressions and engagement insights, giving us a clear understanding of their influence and performance success.
Collaborating with social media ambassadors helped to enact a long-lasting relationship between Hill’s Pet Nutrition and the local community aiding brand loyalty by strengthening brand representation.  

Phase 1

Social Media following was not the terminating factor when choosing our ambassadors but rather, it was their relationship with their pets that confirmed their importance to Hill’s. Ultimately, facilitating our needs for relatable content with the main focus being our four-legged Kings and Queens.

Phase 2

In exchange for a range of Hill’s products which included food tailored to their pet’s needs, the ambassadors provided cute and playful content a few times a month featuring their pets alongside Hill’s products. The content was posted on both our ambassadors Instagram pages and Hill’s social media accounts supporting the humanisation or should we say ‘furrymisation’ of the brand.


Our pet ambassadors have become the face of the brand in Cyprus, representing Hill’s values of putting your pet first.
To date, we have collaborated with more than 20 ambassadors around Cyprus which collectively on their social media channels, they have allowed Hill’s to gain organically:






Average Reach

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