Not just marketeers, we are architects.

What makes Hivebreed unique is that we strategically bridge the gap between management consulting, communication and operations. We challenge traditional business models and break closed silos on a mission to help organisations and companies realise their true, full potential and ignite growth.

The rules by which we play with


Tough love

If what you currently do sucks, then we will tell you about it. Then we will help you build the optimum scenario for your business. If what we do sucks, then we are ready to optimize it too.


We are marketers & strategists not clairvoyants. We cannot predict the future but sure as hell can prepare you to shape it the best way you can.

Bold AF

We are no know-it-alls. It’s in our DNA to keep on learning and developing so you can benefit along the way. What we don’t know, we seek to master.

Idea breeders; Architects at heart.

Whatever we put in words, we implement it. That’s why the word ‘breed’ is part of the name on the door.

Because we effin care.

We care so much that sometimes it actually hurts. Our levels of empathy heighten as we become part of your company and work towards success.



We redefined the value of setting up a strategy for your business. Having in mind that we all need to make things happen and succeed, considering the vast changes that happen around us and our need to keep doing what we do, we are focussing on what matters for your business today. We examine challenges, define where you stand in your industry, build visions and implement solutions that work from day one. Then we keep on making it better.


We believe in the “always on” approach. We build and implement activations that are part of a greater narrative, the one that answers to your strategic goals and KPI’s. If you are looking to connect, translate metrics into performance or become an integral part of your customers’ daily journey, then we can help you.


We aim to become a hub for the knowledge of the future. From building your own digital team to accelerating your existing personnel we are building our own knowledge system that will help you and your team keep up in a future of change.


From design sprints to rapid prototyping and full scale implementation, Hivebreed will orchestrate the project and launch it with you, for you. We are committed to building the future with you. Sometimes we are so committed we even choose to partner up with you and exchange our services for a small stake of our new born baby. Sounds interesting? Sounds more like lifelong commitment to your success.
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